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Our Passion is for Others!  Whether that is through our work or our gifts, we strive to improve the lives of others.

At Tungsten Wealth we are proud to help change others' lives through our gifts.  A portion of our revenues go back to the communities to provide for other families in need.  

Our current partnership is with FILTER OF HOPE.  We support them by providing others with Clean Drinking Water, and more.

Filter of Hope

Their mission is to Bring Clean Water And Christ's Love To Those In Desperate Need Of Both.  By manufacturing and distributing simple, life-saving water filters, we provide families living in poverty easy access to clean, safe drinking water—250 gallons a day for 10 years.

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Frits Family in Guatemala - March 2024

Frits Family in Guatemala - March 2024

In March of 2024, the Frits Family had the opportunity to experience firsthand the impact that this organization has on others.  They spent time with the Guatemalan community providing clean water filters and sharing their faith. 

"Meeting others where they are in life brought us a tremendous amount of Joy.  Our family was able to be in their environment and provide a physical and spiritual gift like no other.  In addition, we received so much more in return.  It felt so good that we didn't want to come back."  Rob

Our Process

Illustrating the use of the Filters for clean water.

Our History

Helping families one by one!

Our Values

Even the pigs were happy!

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Filter of Hope Partners with local churches.